Justin Bieber - The Making of 'Peaches' | Vevo Footnotes ft. Daniel Caesar, Givéon
Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon - The Making of Peaches | Vevo Footnotes

"Justin and I wanted to do something that had the energy of Mase," says "Peaches" director Colin Tilley, "but modern sets, modern energy, and a bright and glossy [look]." They did it. Giveon and Daniel Caesar put a little dap on the track and the vid, and by the time the guys are done messing around with that car, everyone's taken a nice little spin. Find out how long it took to make Justin's peach suit, and learn why he thinks the vid makes you wanna "drive by the beach and cruise with your friends" with the top down.

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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Kevin Rose
Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & David McTiernan

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Austin Prahl
Music & Talent: Cynthia Todd & Jordan Ferree


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